I am a writer, a scientist at heart, and a sometimes photographer. The idea is to use all of those parts of myself to create this space and fill it with facts, ideas, and tricks to help keep us all eating well.


Learning is a never-ending process. Learning about food is tricky these days because so many people are now involved in the growing, packing, distributing, and selling of our food. This section will have the latest factual information out there on the laws and regulations that affect the two places people think their food comes from: the farm and the grocery store.

Decoding the Store: Information about food labeling and food production.

Farming Practices: What they do and how it affects your dinner.

Tips and Tricks

A busy life is a new reality, but I hope it doesn't stand in the way of eating well. To help, this section will have all the information I can drum up on how to make sure life's daily struggles don't hinder your efforts. On my food adventure, my main constraints have been money issues, limited time, and simply a dearth of creativity; so, that's where I will start here.

Money: How to eat well and not spend a fortune.

Time: Tips for making cooking easy and fun no matter how tired you are.

Creativity: Ways to spice up the store and everyday cooking.


No one can know it all, so these are my suggestions on other writers, organizations, and interesting people that are working on similar issues.